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Twin Dolphin Mosaics
About Us

We are an American husband and wife team (Robert Stout and Stephanie Jurs) that has been designing and creating broken-tile mosaics since 1990 as Twin Dolphin Mosaics. We design, produce, and install each piece ourselves. Our numerous public art projects and private commissions include: a 125 sq m exterior walkway in a museum sculpture garden, a fountain seating area at a public facility, a 75 sq m entrance to a university library, benches, residential patios and interior pavings, as well as mounted wall pieces. We are experienced in working with architects and clients to achieve the desired design within budget.

In 1998 we moved to Ravenna, Italy—an internationally known center of Byzantine mosaics—to study traditional Roman and Byzantine techniques. Our current work combines elements of broken-tile mosaics with those of traditional marble and glass mosaics.

Imagery can range from realistic to abstract, from traditional to modern. We are particularly interested in images found in nature or derived from the scientific disciplines—astrophysics, fluid dynamics, mathematics and the biological sciences. Recent imaging technologies are revealing previously unseen dimensions of the natural world and we often use these as a departure point for our designs.


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